Getting started with IOT

I started playing with circuits (555) since I was in 8th grade and  then lost focus on it. And then it was all about software and software, just keying on the keyboard. I was looking for some nice hobby to have some fun and looks like I am going back to the circuit world. I did my Engineering in Electrical & Electronics almost 17 years back and so it helped me to get started. Quite a lot changed since then, but a resistor is still a resistor.

Lately, I had been bugged by IOT (Internet Of Things) hype and started exploring the different aspects of it. Here is a good definition about what IOT is all about. It’s not just about hooking up a bunch of sensors and collecting the data, it’s all about making the human experience better.

To start with, I got a bunch of startup kits. These starter kits come with a microprocessor/micro controller, bunch of components (capacitors, resistors, diodes, sensors, switches etc) along with a nice book to get started. I would very much recommend the starter kits, so to as to avoid frequently visiting the electronic stores. Once comfortable with the starter kit, one can make an inventory of what is else is required to build something more advanced and get all of them in a single trip to the shop.Arduino Uno Blinking LightThe above is a Arduino Uno (it’s a micro controller) with a bread board and a flashing LED. By the time I was ordering a Raspberry Pi (micro processor), the Raspberry Pi foundation announced the Raspberry Pi 2 with double the memory and 4 times the cores at the same price as the original Pi. The foundation claims that applications runs 6 times faster in Pi 2 than the original Pi. So, I thought of being a bit patient and then order the Pi 2 which I would be getting in a couple of weeks. It should be possible to run Ubuntu Snappy and Windows 10 on the Pi 2.

In the coming blogs, I will be writing about the different components I bought and if I made a good/bad choice in buying them. It would take some time for me to get started, but I will also blog about some of the interesting things I start tinkering by integrating the three things I am interested in (Big Data – Cloud – IOT) .

6 thoughts on “Getting started with IOT

  1. Combining (big data, cloud) with IoT (small devices) should be interesting, I can’t think of good use cases but should be a fun project to start with

    1. I need to slowly evolve the idea, but I was thinking to use a temperature sensor with Arduino and put the data in one of the AWS Service and take some action when the temperature crosses a threshold. I do have the required h/w, now it’s a matter of putting the pieces together.

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