Big Data Training

Big Data skills are one of the most sought after skills currently. There are a lot of Big Data trend from Indeedopportunities to grab in this space, but there is also a huge gap between the demand and supply for the professionals with the Big Data skills. The Big Data training from Dattamsha Techno Solutions Pvt Ltd (OPC) will provide the required training to grab these opportunities. At the end of the training, the participant would be able to appreciate the benefits of Big Data, work on the different Big Data softwares and take it to the next level.

  • The Big Data training will start from the basics of Linux to all the way to doing Proof Of Concepts using the different frameworks/concepts grasped during the different sessions. Assignments will also be provided for the different topics discussed during the training.
  • Big Data Quiz will be used to evaluate the candidates at the end of the course. A forum is also provided for the participants to interact with the trainer and also with each other.
  • Big Data virtual machine which runs on Windows/Mac/Linux will also be provided to get started with the Big Data Big Data Virtual Machineframeworks easily. The installation takes 15-20 minutes and the participant need not worry about installing and configuring the individual Big Data¬†frameworks, they can be productive at the earliest. Besides the Big Data virtual machines, images of the Cloudera Cluster will be provided. A screen cast for the Cloudera Cluster can be seen here.
  • Below is the Big Data course content at a high level. Here is the course content in detail.
  • Introduction to Linux to get started with Big Data
  • Installation and configuration of the Big Data VM
  • MapReduce Theory (history, concepts, algorithms, optimization etc)
  • MapReduce in Practice (developing, deploying, debugging, optimization etc)
  • Deep dive into Pig and Pig in practice
  • Deep dive into Hive and Hive in practice
  • Introduction to NoSQL
  • Deep dive into HBase (architecture, coprocessors, bulk loading, modeling etc)
  • Cassandra Architecture, different features, interfaces
  • Big Data ecosystem overview (Spark, Sqoop, Oozie, Flume, ZooKeeper, MongoDB etc)
  • Big Data administration (creating cluster in the Amazon cloud)
  • Implement two POC (Proof Of Concept), sharing of POC ideas.

We conduct training for both corporates and also for individuals. If interested in the Big Data training from Dattamsha and would like to find out more details, please contact us at and we will get back to you.