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Review of the Lenevo Yoga 2 (8 inch Tablet)

To keep myself updated I do read a lot around different aspects of technology. Whenever I find some interesting article I do immediately add it to Pocket which I can read it later, similar to bookmarking web pages in the browser. The good thing about Pocket is that it can store the web page offline and can also sync automatically across different devices through applications and browsers through extensions.Lenevo-Yoga-2

When I do get some free time on the move, I pull the iPhone Pocket application and skim through the interesting articles. But, reading on the iPhone is really not a great experience. So, started looking around for tablets and finally bought a Lenevo Yoga 2 (8 inch tablet) from Flipkart a month back. Couldn’t wait for to get the hands on the tablet and so used the express delivery service. The tablet arrived on time and the experience with the tablet was really good and so couldn’t stop writing the feed back here.lenevo-yoga-2

As the name, the Yoga 2 tablet is very flexible. It has a kick stand on the bottom and helps to keep the tablet in different positions as shown in the pictures. So, we can put in on the table and watch a movie comfortably. Adding a Bluetooth keyboard will make it even more comfortable to work with.

Near to the kick stand at the bottom there is big bulge where the battery is hosted. It seems to be a bit odd at the beginning, but gives a nice feel like holding a book in the portrait mode.lenevo-yoga-2 Talking about the battery, the backup is really good.

Here are some of the highlight (pros and cons) :

  • The tablet has Android 4.4.2 (KitKat) and is very responsive.
  • The tablet has a front and back camera and the pictures are really great.
  • It has an Intel processor and so not at all applications are compatible. For ex., Microsoft Office.
  • Reading on the tablet is a real pleasure.
  • The battery is really impressive.
  • Was not able to get a cover which fits it properly.

Just in case you are looking for a tablet, I would very much recommend to look beyond the iPads and give the Lenevo Yoga 2 tablet a shot. BTW, the tablet comes with Android and Windows version, what you see is a Android model.